A Letter from the AVC President

Greetings All!

Summertime is great for reflection, relaxation and rejuvenation.

From our 2017 Homecoming State of the AVC address to the Senior Transition program from Rob Schulte and Eric Wright to Atul Sharma’s fantastic Networking Presentation to our Annual Football Game and then representing at the Soccer game, we had a great day.

We represented at our Brother Oliver Giller’s last days. We thank Brother Steve Sutow for his commitment, time and expertise in helping the Giller family.

Thank you to all the Brothers who showed Virtue, Diligence and Brotherly Love in our Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood supporting each other during good times and hard times. I love seeing Brothers spending time, sharing their lives and having fun together.

We celebrated life with many births, marriages and career events that truly show our Chapter and Alumni Family growing.  Congratulations to all. Keep driving for success. Keep striving for your personal and professional best. Keep thriving together.

From Carlson Leadership Academy and winning the Volunteer of the Year Award, to the 5th Annual Berger Basketball Bash to the SigEp Social at Triumph to the Career Preparedness Event, we had a lot going on and it was great to see more Brothers, Family and Friends join in the fun.


Please consider joining or getting re-engaged with some of our meetings and programs, especially if you haven’t been around in a while, and see what our AVC is all about- Leaders, Scholars, Athletes, and Gentlemen.


Tony Whalen #7
AVC President

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