The 2018.Q1 Issue

Welcome to the THE LANTERN, the official newsletter of the Sigma Phi Epsilon New Jersey Zeta Alumni & Volunteer Corporation! We are proud to continue to share updates about the AVC and the undergraduate chapter with you. Please enjoy the hard work of the AVC and our contributors in this first issue of 2018.

First up, some health news about Bo, infant son of Brother Jeremy Goldfarb #193, and how you can help BATTLE WITH BO.

Next is a remembrance of Brother OLIVER GILLER #58 (Page 4) by Brother Steve Sutow #19.

Then we have our A LETTER FROM THE AVC PRESIDENT by Tony Whalen #7 (Page 8), who reflects on summertime and the work the AVC has done all year.

Next is coverage of BERGER BASH (Page 9), our 5th annual brotherhood through basketball event.

On Page 10 and 11 is a photo recap of 2017 HOMECOMING  and a preview of 2018 Homecoming.

AVC President Tony Whalen #7 talks about the VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR award (Page 12) given at Carlson Leadership Academy.

Rob Schulte #93 gives his CHAPTER COUNSELOR UPDATE on a busy year for the undergraduate chapter (Page 13).

Next is CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2018. Meet the newest members of the AVC (Page 15).

And finally, a glimpse of some of the spectacular PHOTOGRAPHY by Brother Chris Manning #132 (Page 16).

Yours in brotherhood,

Wright Seneres #13

Download the 2018.Q1 Issue of The Lantern (PDF).

Header image by John LeMasney. Read more about this artwork.


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